On Saturday March 3, Christian Ponder, Viktor (the Vikings mascot), and several cheerleaders took the Polar Bear Plunge into icy lake Calhoun in order to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Several of these events have taken place across the state in the last month or so (Only Minnesotans are brave/stupid enough to jump into an icy lake in Feb. or March), but this one received a little more media attention thanks to the Vikings support.

Ponder said in an interview with Ann Carol of the Minnesota Vikings Website that he’s been helping with the Special Olympics since he was in high school (I’m sure being from Texas he never helped out by making his body go numb in icy waters).

“I think it’s a great cause.  I’m an athlete, they’re athletes, and it’s fun to associate with them and they’re some of the best people you meet,” Ponder said of being around the Special Olympics participants who were also at the plunge.  It’s these kinds of things that make us all happy to have a guy like him on our team.