According to, if the Portland Trail Blazers fail to make a trade for a big name point guard such as Rondo, Nash or Calderon, they will consider a swap of Jamal Crawford for Luke Ridnour. Crawford has been the headlines for trades for a few weeks now, including a few rumors with Minnesota. On paper, this trade makes perfect sense for both teams. Portland would get a quality point guard to take the role from a struggling Raymond Felton. The Blazers could then ship Felton to a PG needy team such as the Lakers in exchange for future draft picks. In Minnesota, they would be able to ship Ridnour back home to Oregon and in return get a true SG instead of having to keep playing players out of position. The trade deadline is March 15th this year and the Wolves have the 13th and 14th off. My best guess is, that if a trade is going to happen, it will be on one of those days. Check back constantly for any updates on any and all trades.