More Bounty gate news (You know you love it), in the 2009 NFC championship game, an unnamed played for the New Orleans Saints is heard shouting “Pay me my money” after taking down Favre.

It seems obvious now that the Saints were in a bounty program, but it seems even more amazing that this wasn’t obvious when they first started investigating the bounty system.  Especially if they had audio like this from the worst/most obvious case of it.  Saints former Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams appears to be in a lot of trouble, and this just seems to add more evidence to a fire quickly burning out of control.

The worst part about it is that the players are getting rewarded for it.  Everyone knows that players are going to go after the star players and try to hurt them, it gives them an advantage.  What’s frustrating about the Bountygate scenario is that they get rewarded for it. 

After researching this story far too much in the past couple of days, I find it interesting that one person commented on a story stating something along the lines of this being borderline criminal assault.  They’re planning it and intending to harm or “disfigure” as the person’s comment stated.  That sounds right along the lines of criminal assault, and the punishment for it is several years in prison, and in some cases a lifelong sentence.

The hammer needs to come down on the Saints and players involved, and it needs to come down hard.  Some fans are saying this shouldn’t taint their Superbowl because it didn’t taint the New England Patriots Superbowl when they won after Spygate.  However, one could argue that the Patriots were just cheating, not intentionally injuring people and possibly destroying their careers.