On Friday, the Washington Redskins gave up a huge ransom to get the 2nd overall pick away from the St. Louis Rams (a 1st and 2nd this year, a 1st next year, and a 1st in 2014), which put the Vikings’ pick at the highest “undecided” pick in the NFL draft.

Will a team give up 3 first rounders and a 2nd rounder for the Vikings’ pick, not bloody likely, there isn’t another franchise player left on the board.  That being said, I think many of us football fans remember last year when the Falcons seemed to give up a whole lot for Julio Jones.  Could a team trade up with the Vikings to complete their aerial attack?  Not sure, it’s too early to tell.  But the date of this trade really works in favor for the Vikings.  Teams will have a month and a half to watch tape and pro days of players and contemplate if they need that player badly enough.

Sure, the Vikings need Matt Kalil and should probably take him, but for anything close to what the Rams just got for the #2 pick, why wouldn’t the Vikings give up the chance to get him?  Of course, the best case scenario would be to swap with the Browns at #4 (one pick back) or the Buccaneers at #5, hoping that then the Browns wouldn’t take Kalil as having Joe Thomas makes Kalil not as important to them and that the Bucs wouldn’t take Kalil as they (like the Vikings) have lots of holes and LT isn’t one of them (unlike the Vikings).

The weirdest scenario I think is for the Vikings to trade for the 6th pick with the St. Louis Rams.  They would obviously have enough picks to deal with the Vikings, but would they want to trade out of the 2nd pick for a bucket load of picks just to trade back up one spot back from their original for a slightly smaller ransom?  It seems unlikely, but if they decided they wanted Blackmon or Kalil, they could possibly go that route.

Either way that you look at it, the Vikings are riding in a pretty good spot on this draft roller coaster full of ups, downs, excitement, and someone stupid trying to get to the front of the roller coaster just to watch it come crashing down quicker than the rest of us.  Robert Griffin III doesn’t appear to be enough to save the Redskins franchise (he’s good, but not that good), especially now that he won’t have any young help for 3 years.