According to Jarrod Randolph or, the Wolves are in discussions with the Orlando Magic regarding veteran shooting guard Jason Richardson. Richardson is making $5.4 Million this year and a trade for him would mean you have to match within 150%. This means a straight swap for Michael Beasley would work out (who is making $6.26 Million this year). Orlando also has a Trade Exception from Brandon Bass worth approximately $4.25 Million so it makes moving Richardson that much easier. The Magic have been desperately trying to add pieces around Dwight Howard to entice him to stay. Richardson is in the first of a 3 year contract he signed, with a player option for a 4th year. The only issue is that Minnesota may be timid to trade away an expiring contract to take on long term one. My guess is that they would ask for a draft pick in return. We’ll explore this rumor more and update it with any breaking news.

The NBA Trade deadline is Thursday, March 15th at 3 PM ET.