UPDATE: The Portland deal with Minnesota for Jamal Crawford is gaining some momentum again. Rumors of a 3 team trade with Lakers send Beasley to LA, Crawford to Minnesota, Steve Blake to Portland. This deal is reportedly getting very close. At the moment, Crawford is suiting up for Portland. The fact that is being questioned shows how close this deal is becoming. However, the above deal does not match up in terms of salary. I expect LA to jettison a few lower price players.

According to HoopsHype, Timberwolves, Spurs, and Jazz are all in talks for a 3 team deal. The proposal would net the Wolves Jamaal Tinsley and CJ Miles, Spurs would get Josh Howard from Utah, and Jazz would get Wayne Ellington and Danny Green. It would also most likely include more draft picks and maybe some players.

As of this morning the Trade of CJ Miles to Minnesota has little to no chance of happening.

They also have been in talks regarding Jason Richardson

Anthony Randolph’s name has also been tossed around some along with Ellington and Beasley

Add Houston to the ever growing list of teams interested in trading for Michael Beasley (along with the Lakers and Celtics)