With less than 40 days until the draft, the Manning saga could bring value to the Vikings #3 pick in trade talks once more.

Sure, trading up mostly likely won’t land you Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, but Ryan Tannehill’s stock is rising.  With Manning seemingly moving to Denver, teams like Miami, Cleveland, and San Fransisco could all be looking to take the Vikings 3rd pick.

Miami is trying to get Alex Smith from San Fran, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to move up, and have Smith for only one season. Smith leaving also puts the 49ers in a position to need a new QB. And Cleveland being Cleveland puts them in a position to need Tannehill’s services.

Now the question becomes whether or not the Vikings want to trade down to allow another team to take him. Trading with the Browns becomes a no brainer, the Vikings would only fall back one spot. So, would the Vikings want to trade back with San Fransisco (a team that has a late pick thanks to their great season) or Miami? It’s unclear, but it might mean giving up on Matt Kalil, Justin Blackmon, and Morris Claiborne. The risk is high, but the Vikings may feel that it helps their future to do so.