Scouring the internet (it’s on computers now-a-days) for something to read while I pretend to be working diligently at my desk I came across this gem that made me like Chris Kluwe a lot more.

On Kluwe’s twitter account he said this colorful statement, “It’s rant time! Hold on tight boys and girls, it’s about to get dangerous in here. To everyone who thinks the source was a “snitch” and a bad person – (bleep) you. (bleep) you and your glorification of criminality. (bleep) you and your degradation of ethics and morality. (bleep) you and your short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrisy. (bleep) you and your idiocy. Try doing the right thing for once and standing up for what’s important in life – the proper treatment of your fellow man. #(Bleeping Bleepholes)”

Now, as a former soccer goalie who always wanted to be an NFL punter (it would’ve been a great job since all I could do as a goalie was punt the ball, I could barely save it, ask all my former teammates), I always liked Kluwe. Anyway, today I like Kluwe for a different reason.  I’m not sure exactly what started the rant, but you gotta love it. The person who came forward shouldn’t be punished (even if he was involved in it, he should be punished less), he should be celebrated.  I applaud Kluwe’s rant and hope Saints fans one day will too. I know that if it were the Vikings involved in such crimes, I would be ashamed of my team and want to say things like this too.