As Kevin Love continues his own version of March Madness (31.3 points per game), Kevin Garnett returns to the place he spent the first 12 years of his career, Minnesota. The sad thing won’t be thinking of what could have been while he was here but will be the fans that applaud him when takes the floor. Why? Simple, because Kevin Garnett is a douche. 

 Ok, it isn’t like I am making any real revelations here. In KG’s defense, Glen Taylor is not the greatest owner. In fact, he is far from it, but it doesn’t get over the fact that he did drop $185 Million on a guy over those 12 years he was here. It is time for Wolves fans to stop clamoring for the return of Garnett to the Twin Cities. It simply is not going to happen. Garnett has proven that, while he can’t be an alpha player on the court, he is an alpha douche on and off it. I am willing to guarantee that Garnett will prove my point tonight on the court when he goes up against a superior Kevin.