The Minnesota Vikings took a huge step in progressing talks of building a new stadium today when the House committee approved the $1 Billion plan. It is possible this could be a 1 step forward and 2 steps back situation as it will now go to the House Rules Committee to see if the bill will remain alive. Some minor details of the bill include: Zygi Wilf paying $427 Million out his pocket to help pay for a stadium. The other roughly $528 Million will consist of $150 Million coming from the city of Minneapolis and the other $398 Million from Morrie Lanning’s financing proposal. You can get more in depth details here. The Vikings currently pay $20 Million a year in income taxes which, over a life of a stadium (about 25 years), easily covers the expenses of building.

If you haven’t seen some of the latest images of the stadium they keep getting better and better. Take a look below.

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