Just a few months after saying they would stick with Head Coach Leslie Frazier and even less time since they named Rick Spielman as the teams G.M., reports are flying about that long time Giants fan Zygi Wilf wanted Bill Parcells to run his team. Even going as far as stating “name your price” when trying to court the Hall of Fame coach.

This seems like an interesting move on Wilf’s part. Now again, we don’t know exactly when he would’ve made such an offer, but if it was after keeping Frazier and promoting Spielman, it seems like an anti-Wilf move. He has always preached loyalty to his staff and this shows none of it. Perhaps it’s just that he wasn’t sure where he wanted to go with the team, and now that other teams are pursuing Parcells that this info comes out. Either way, it seems odd. After news of this report this morning, Bob Hagan, the Vikings’ director of media relations called media outlets to put this rumor to bed by saying, “There is no truth to the media reports.”

Would the Vikings be better with Parcells instead of  Spielman? Maybe, he did turn the Dolphins around in quick order but let them in shambles when he left. However, I think right now the Vikings don’t need the drama. Again, if this happened back in December, which it likely did, then it’s a different story, but 3 weeks before the draft the Vikings need their focus to be elsewhere.