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I’m stealing the headline from an article Justin posted earlier here on Minnesporta (Joe Webb can jump higher than you), and since I have just learned that Percy Harvin is better than us all, it seems appropriate.  What’s scary is that he could be even better.

Percy Harvin, while  under Head Coach Urban Meyer at the University of Florida, was put into the coaches “circle of trust” during his time there.  Apparently he (as well as ex-Gators Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Spikes) could do no wrong once in this circle, and were often granted special privileges.

The best example of this was during a 2007 workout Harvin stopped running during a conditioning run and said, “This [expletive] ends now.” I’m sure we’ve all thought that before, but not many of us have the kind of pull Harvin had. Apparently the next day the team’s conditioning consisted of playing basketball. Which makes me ask you, imagine if only Percy had given the effort, he’d be even more disgustingly good.

What disappoints me about Harvin is how he acted off the field while at Florida.  Even once laying hands on a coach and throwing him to the ground.  Which is even more interesting as once in Minnesota Percy got into a heated discussion with Brad Childress and almost laid hands on him.  Although, in Harvin’s defense, we all wanted to choke Childress at one point, but it still doesn’t make it right (I’m sure most of us have also wanted to lay hands on our boss at some point too).