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 Such a somber mood surrounded Target Center following Ricky Rubio’s ACL injury. It makes sense too considering how he was part of the reason the team climbed out of the cellar of the Western Conference. So, it is of no surprise that he handled his first press conference following his ACL surgery the same way he handles the point guard position; with poise and optimism. He talked about his surgery and how it went. Talked a little bit about rehab and how he was sad he had to miss part of the season. He didn’t put a date on his return stating it could be by training camp, week 1 of next season or even week 2. His main concern is taking his time and letting it heal completely. Here are some meaningful other quotes from Rubio,

“When they explained the injury I had, it was sad. After seeing all of the support from my teammates and all the players in the league … I just have to be positive. We can do nothing else but move forward.”

“You just have to be strong, and do your best to come back harder. I love basketball. I am going to do my best to play again.”

“It’s hard to watch games and you know you can’t play. You want to play so bad. You just have to enjoy watching basketball, it’s the only thing you can do.”

“We are a young team. We have to learn a lot of things. We have to finish hard and show everybody what we can do”

Best of luck to Rubio as he continues his hard work towards a full recovery. This is a young team and if they can stay healthy next year should be fighting for a playoff spot.