The Vikings have been ridiculed far too often for not signing any big names, and today it continues with the signing of Linebacker Marvin Mitchell to a one year contract.

What the Vikings will be more so ridiculed with this signing is the fact that he’s a former New Orleans Saints’ player (most recently a Miami Dolphin). The Vikings have seemed to take a strong stance on not signing any bounty players, but Marvin Mitchell did have 1 tackle in the NFC Championship game, making him an obvious attempted murder suspect of Brett Favre’s ankle. Upon further investigation, I found out the Mitchell lone tackle in the ’09 Championship game came on special teams. It’s apparent that he was trying to give Percy Harvin a Migrane with this tackle. It isn’t currently known whether or not Jonathan Vilma offered any bounty on causing migranes, which all Vikings fans had after the game. Vikings organization will require Mitchell to hand over all Favre X-rays and Harvin MRI’s upon entering the team’s facility.

While G.M. Rick Spielman never said he wouldn’t sign any former Saints players, it should still be interesting to see how Rick Spielman explains the signing of this former conspirator.

Mitchell had a bland year recording 1 INT, 1 Sack, and 1 Forced Fumble to go with his 30 tackles (25 solo, 5 assists) in his only season with the Dolphins.