There have been many things that have slowed down the Vikings Stadium pursuit, but none have slowed it down as much as the fact that it’s an election year.

The politicians here in Minnesota have continued to put this problem on the back burner, now it’s an election year, and they really want to ignore the issues. It’s frustrating to watch as the stadium deal gets closer, but then some politicians fear losing votes, so they back off.  On Apr. 16, the deal that had been agreed upon by the governor, the team, legislative leaders, and the Mayor of Minneapolis was voted down.

I don’t want to sound like so many others and start to discuss the possibility of the team being moved to Los Angeles, but the fear I feel about the issue continues to grow. Minnesota, however, has been here once before (or 100 times, I’m not sure).  I recall in the 90’s  hearing every other week how the Timberwolves were destined for New Orleans.  Now they have the Hornets and can barely maintain them (they were league owned last year for crying out loud). Minnesota loves to play the waiting game on team’s and their futures in Minnesota.  Now, I won’t say that they’re destined to stay, but it still seems like perhaps after the elections (in November) the team and the city will once again agree on a stadium, and put it into action.