The deal is done. With a passing vote in the House (71-60) and, finally, the Senate (36-30) the People’s stadium will be built and the Vikings will play there for at least the next 30 years. Zygi Wilf is reportedly on his way to Minneapolis and will land at 3:30. I’m sure he will give a speech on how excited he is to keep the Vikings in Minnesota. He had to pay to do that as well. He dug into his pocket and shelled out an extra $50 Million on the final bill, his total contribution is $477 Million dollars. His contribution marks the 3rd largest owner contribution in NFL history. Only thing left is for Dayton to sign the bill. Dayton has been a huge supporter of the stadium so there shouldn’t be any surprises here.

 This giant process has taught me one thing. I will never watch a Senate or House debate again. The people who cover and write for it deserve very large raises.

 We’ll post some photos if or when Zygi Wilf makes his appearance. For now, enjoy the video celebrating the finalization of this bill.

New Stadium

For those anxious to get a look at some of the stadium concepts here are some pictures. These are preliminary and I think they will look more like Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Have a look.