The Minnesota Twins have struggled in many different areas this year, with most people being frustrated with Mauer, it’s hard to notice just how bad our pitching has been (for some anyway, other’s of us know this is the real problem).

Jason Marquis was absolutely destroyed in his last outing allowing 8 runs in an impressive 1 2/3 innings. I know for a fact that Michael Cuddyer did better last fall in his pitching performance in a blowout that was handed to the Twins. The real problem isn’t, “Put Marquis on the bench or designate him for assignment.” Those are obvious responses. The real problem is, who fills in for him? Francisco Liriano may just step right back into the rotation, but for someone who is struggling, he may need a few more bullpen sessions to get back to form. Which brings us to middle relieve Anthony Swarzak. He hasn’t been awful, and probably should be the option. The Twins may also choose to go to Triple-A Rochester and get Cole DeVries to move up and fill that need. Either way, the Twins pitching is in some trouble.

It now appears that DeVries will be getting his start, so now we will all get a chance to see just how solid he can be.