The New England Patriots have released Chad Ochocinco per a league source (which we obtained through a tweet from @AdamSchefter), so I would like to be the person who starts this train wreck of an idea of Ochocinco to the Vikings.

 It’s not going to happen, and equally important, it’s a good thing it’s not going to happen. The Vikings led the league in arrests over the past couple of seasons, so the last thing they need is another person drawing in unneccessary attention to himself to distract the team even more. Sure Chad Eight-five has improved drastically over the past couple of season, even rumored having been a team player, but that’s the magic Bill Belichick brings to the Patriots/NFL.

 It can also be presumed that Ochocinco is on his downhill now at 34. Certainly not “over the hill,” as we know the saying, but he’s definitely not going to be effective anymore. The Vikings need their young players to learn from positive role models, not the likes of Chad Johnson.  If you feel differently please let me know in our comments section.