MinneSPORTa is a blog devoted to bringing you the latest and best takes on all Minnesota sports. We cover everything from Vikings, Wild, Twins, Gophers, Lynx and Timberwolves. The goal is for MinneSPORTa to be your one stop for any and all Minnesota sports news. A short history about the site. It started in the middle of May, 2011. This can be viewed as the first big milestone. The birth of MinneSPORTa and beginning of our site.  This was followed with a lot of work keep the site up to date and accurate. A few days later I convinced others to help.

This led to our next milestone which was the implementation of social networks. Twitter and Facebook are now available to all to get all of our updates as they happen (Click the links to take you to their respective pages). With the start of our own Facebook and Twitter pages we felt it was about time to make MinneSPORTa our own and got the rights to MinneSPORTa.com and no longer operated exclusively under wordpress. This made it easier for fans, and those too lazy to type a little extra, to access our site.

Our 3rd big event was when MinneSPORTa reached 10,000 viewers. For some sites that may be all in a day’s work but for us it was a big deal. That happened 12/5/2011. The link to the article is here if you would like to try to re-live the celebration with us.

The next big news was our first time being recognized as a media source. This occurred on the Timberwolves season opener versus the Oklahoma City Thunder on 12/26/2011. During the introduction of Ricky Rubio, the FSN team mentioned the questions about whether Rubio would stay in Spain or not. During this they made a visual references to one of our stories. If you would like to see the video you can check out the story here.

That is an overview of MinneSPORTa’s short history. Next, we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary and we could not be more excited. We encourage our followers to be a part of the ride and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We are very interested in all feedback and leave a comment or rate our articles. This will help us take notice of what is most important to the viewers. Click the link below to contact us via email and we will personally read it and respond.

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