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 Apparently Christian Ponder has been extremely excited about the drafting of LT Matt Kalil, USC, everyday since the Thursday night’s draft.

 Ponder told Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network in an interview that he can see himself growing old in the NFL, with apparently Kalil at his side (presumably his left side). This would be great news for the Vikings who haven’t had a young QB/LT tandem in recent memory, where both players were talented (sorry T-Jack). Continue reading


Photo: Peterson races Harvin, uphill

Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin continue to rehab, but both were at a practice session yesterday. AP and Harvin are pushing each other which is always a good thing to have two star players doing to one another. Continue reading

 Adrian Peterson‘s recovery so far has been nothing short of spectacular. Today, he held a short press conference showing his progress so far but at the same time remained optimistic. He still wants to be starting by week 1 of the NFL season but trainer Eric Sugarman is less worried about a date and more worried about a full recovery. I’m with Sugarman on this one. When Adrian is back I want 100% of his brutal running style and not an increased chance of him being re-injured. However, lets tip our caps to how hard he has worked thus far.  Continue reading

Gerhart shoots for OTAs

We all know Adrian Peterson had a major knee injury (which required ACL surgery), but many of us forgot that Toby Gerhart tore his MCL on Jan. 1.

Gerhart did not have surgery but says that the MCL has healed on it own, and has been working to strengthen his quads. Gerhart’s non-surgery injury has him on pace to be back in time for Organized Team Activities (OTAs).

The Vikings are hurting by having their two best RBs down with knee injuries, but they both plan to be back by the week 1 of the regular season.  Perhaps they will split carries more evenly early in the season while AP continues to mend.

Adrian’s approach to rehab: Beast Mode

 We should know by now that Adrian Peterson does everything faster, stronger, and harder than normal humans. So when Eric Sugarman asked him to run to test his knee his response was, “How fast should I go?” fully wanting to run a 4.3 40-time. Peterson is on schedule to return by the season opener if all keeps progressing as it has. Most thought it was blindly optimistic when Peterson proclaimed he would be ready this season after he tore his ACL December 24th against Washington. So while we say he is ahead of schedule, Peterson says he is right on schedule. Even Dwight Schrute agrees with his logic. Continue reading

Vikings, Peterson, and Draft notes

The Minnesota Vikings have been quiet the last couple of days, but some things they just can’t keep quiet.

First Adrian Peterson seems to be on the path back to good health.  He had set the goal of a Week 1 return, and while Frazier doesn’t want to push him, he agrees that he’s on the path back to full health. Continue reading

AP on the mend

The Minnesota Vikings superstar who carries the rock (and sometimes the team), Adrian Peterson, is healing from his ACL surgery and used his twitter account to let us all know.

“My knee is getting better everyday and thanks for all the support from the viking fans and non-viking fans, your support is appreciated”

It’s good to hear from AP and most importantly that he’s doing well. Peterson is still setting the goal of being ready by week 1 of the 2012 regular season, but for now, the $100 million man is healing and doing well.