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 Apparently Christian Ponder has been extremely excited about the drafting of LT Matt Kalil, USC, everyday since the Thursday night’s draft.

 Ponder told Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network in an interview that he can see himself growing old in the NFL, with apparently Kalil at his side (presumably his left side). This would be great news for the Vikings who haven’t had a young QB/LT tandem in recent memory, where both players were talented (sorry T-Jack). Continue reading


Photo of the Night: Rookie Camp begins

 We mentioned earlier that rookie camp is underway. The Vikings brought it an astounding 71 players, talk about competition. So far Matt Kalil and Harrison Smith have looked good, which should be expected as they are first round picks. Another guy that has impressed, according to Mike Wobschall of Vikings.com, is 5th round pick Robert Blanton. The Vikings have made no secret that Blanton will get a shot at safety so this could be great news to a team that had poor safety play just a year ago. Check out Smith, Kalil and rookie wide receiver Greg Childs in their new numbers. Continue reading

 The Minnesota Vikings came away from the 2012 NFL Draft with 10 new players. Not all players are guaranteed to make the team but that didn’t stop us on doing a quit write-up on each one. Click on each player’s picture so you can read how the player fits into the Vikings roster. Continue reading

 The Minnesota Vikings managed to fill some much-needed holes with some patience and a few clever trades. After a trade down from the 3rd overall pick to the 4th, Minnesota made Southern California offensive tackle Matt Kalil the newest member of the Vikings. That could have been the end of their day but Rick Spielman decided he didn’t want to wait until Friday to fill another need and moved up to the 29th overall pick, after a trade with Baltimore, and selected Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith. Check out Kalil and Smith pictured below with Leslie Frazier and Rick Spielman.  Continue reading

 The Vikings have made Matt Kalil their first choice of the 2012 NFL Draft. It is who everyone was hoping for before the draft even started. The selection essentially fills two glaring holes on the Viking’s offensive line. Now, Charlie Johnson, can move to a more natural position of left guard. The Vikings finished last season with a dismal offense. This instantly upgrades the effectiveness of Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder. The long lead up to the draft was littered with tons of smoke screens that lead to pretty much everyone at ESPN having the Vikings taking Claiborne. Kalil is absolutely the right pick here. He was the right pick 2 months ago and not much has changed since then. Welcome to Minnesota Matt Kalil.

Here is a quick breakdown of some of Kalil’s strength’s and weaknesses: Continue reading

Will Tannehill go 3rd?

 After an apparently impressive pro day, former Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill impressed scouts and seems to be the next big name off the board. In particular he impressed the best scout, Mike Mayock, who now believes that he shouldn’t get past the Browns at the 4th pick.

 The Vikings hold the 3rd overal pick. They won’t take Tannehill as they’ve already put their future on Christian Ponder’s Arm. The best possible case scenario is that the Vikings will trade back one spot with the Browns. This way the Vikings still get their guy in Matt Kalil and also get an extra pick. Sure the Continue reading

Vikings, Peterson, and Draft notes

The Minnesota Vikings have been quiet the last couple of days, but some things they just can’t keep quiet.

First Adrian Peterson seems to be on the path back to good health.  He had set the goal of a Week 1 return, and while Frazier doesn’t want to push him, he agrees that he’s on the path back to full health. Continue reading