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Ochocinco to the Vikings?

 The New England Patriots have released Chad Ochocinco per a league source (which we obtained through a tweet from @AdamSchefter), so I would like to be the person who starts this train wreck of an idea of Ochocinco to the Vikings.

 It’s not going to happen, and equally important, it’s a good thing it’s not going to happen. The Vikings led the league in arrests over the past couple of seasons, so the last thing they need is another person drawing in unneccessary attention to himself to distract the team even more. Sure Chad Eight-five has improved drastically over the past couple of season, even rumored having been a team player, but that’s the magic Bill Belichick brings to the Patriots/NFL.

 It can also be presumed that Ochocinco is on his downhill now at 34. Certainly not “over the hill,” as we know the saying, but he’s definitely not going to be effective anymore. The Vikings need their young players to learn from positive role models, not the likes of Chad Johnson.  If you feel differently please let me know in our comments section.


 Apparently Christian Ponder has been extremely excited about the drafting of LT Matt Kalil, USC, everyday since the Thursday night’s draft.

 Ponder told Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network in an interview that he can see himself growing old in the NFL, with apparently Kalil at his side (presumably his left side). This would be great news for the Vikings who haven’t had a young QB/LT tandem in recent memory, where both players were talented (sorry T-Jack). Continue reading

Vikings sign Harrison Smith

The Vikings had two first round picks in the 2012 NFL draft, and they have finally inked the later of the two to a contract.

Harrison Smith, the Safety out of Notre Dame, was a player the Vikings staff and organization fell in love with at the Senior Bowl. The deal is a four-year deal with an option for a fifth. It’s rumoured that his deal will be slightly larger than last year’s 29th (Harrison’s same spot in the draft) pick Gabe Carimi (4 years, $7.06 million).

It’s pretty likely that Harrison will be a day one starter, and he could start opposite former teammate Robert Blanton (a fifth rounder in the 2012 draft). This leaves the Vikings just needing to sign 4th overall Matt Kalil and CB Josh Robinson.

Photo: Peterson races Harvin, uphill

Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin continue to rehab, but both were at a practice session yesterday. AP and Harvin are pushing each other which is always a good thing to have two star players doing to one another. Continue reading

Harvin misses OTAs

One of the Vikings star players, Percy Harvin, is missing out on Organized Team Activities because of the shoulder surgery he had earlier this offseason.

Originally Harvin had said that he would be back in time for OTAs, but it appears now that it won’t be likely, as the OTAs have already started. Harvin is currently “unable to perform” and therefore is not attending. Harvin is one of the Vikings most explosive players, if not the most explosive. Harvin has missed time from practices before and has performed just fine, this minor setback shouldn’t be anything to worry about right now. However, we should be concerned about the fact that Harvin seems to be injured quiet a bit in the last few years.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network came up with a ludicrous idea of the Minnesota Vikings trading Jared Allen. Continue reading

With the deal finalized we can all take a big sigh of relief. The lawmakers did the right thing, and the Vikings will be around for at least another 30 years. Which really gives us here at MinneSPORTa something to talk about in that time frame. Continue reading